CD produced by Giovanni and Giuseppe Gregoletto and with musical compositions of Paki Zennaro and Guido Vianello.
Nine tracks dedicated to the world of wine and its history that enfolds over centuries. It is a musical voyage which begins in Italy with La Vendemmia', "The Harvest", but then moves throughout Europe with a religious track "The wine and the Bread", and halts in France with "Le Verre" (the Glass), a song of a drunkard who, through the glass he inherited of his grand father, tells of his and his family's history; and "Le Pomerol", a track dedicated to the goodness of this wine produced in Bordeaux.
Goffrey Keitelbeck is the iconic drunkard on this CD, mean and arrogant, characteristics that wine sometimes reveals.

'Working in the Cellar' reproduces musically the phases of the work in the cellar: racking, filtration, bottling, and packaging/labelling.

"Noé" is an ode to the first vine grower in history, a fascinating figure who knew the secrets of the vine and the birth of wine as well as the effects of its excessive consumption.
The voyage continues with a homage to the German viticulture and oenology, a 'Lied' (song), that celebrates the arrival of spring, the blossoming of the buds, and the grapes that embrace the vine. The CD ends in the Spanish peninsula with a dance ('blanco e tinto' - white and red) dedicated to white and red wine.

This collection also comes in a French edition, La Musique du Vin [this is a single CD with a booklet and hence why it looks like two].

Download two small tasting samples of the CD "Music of Wine".
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Created by Severino Paties with a content of 1.5l, it is ideal for serving sparkling wines, which have undergone a natural refermentation in the bottle, and separate the wine from the fine lees on the bottom of the bottle.
Engraved with the Gregoletto Est/1600 logo.


Cork Screw Pulltap's Classic

With a double lever, which allows for the cork to be securely pulled in two stages without breaking or damaging it. In black embossed in gold with the Gregoletto Est/1600 logo.


Sommelier's Apron

In heavy cotton in red, black, ecru, white depending on availability this sommelier's apron is created bt Artiginana Sartoria Veneta. It has a central pocket embroidered with the Gregoletto Est/1600 logo and either a green woodpecker or a reproduction of the ancient Prosecco Bianco variety.


Sparkling Wine Stopper

In chromed stainless steel and food grade certified plastic, this stopper is ideal to keep a sparkling wine of up to 6 bar in excellent condition after opening.
The stopper is embossed with the Gregoletto Est/1600.



High quality reproductions of the Prosecco Bianco variety, now called "Glera", taken from the handbook Ampelografia Italiana (volumes published 1879-1890) and printed in their original size of 33.5 x 47cm. This is the most cherished and beautiful viticultural handbook to have ever appeared in Italy, and the original is kept in the Biblioteca Internazionale "La Vigna" in Vicenza.